Wisconsin Discovery Portal

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I update my profile?

    Please send an email to [email protected] with your new information. Materials such as CVs or bios are welcome, or feel free to send specific changes to be made for each field. Discovery Portal staff will update your profile accordingly. Please do not send proprietary information not intended for public use.

  2. Who is included in this database?

    Currently, UW-Madison faculty members are included in this database. UW-Madison staff members (research associates, instructors, etc.) are welcome as well.

  3. I am a researcher at UW-Madison and do not see my profile. How can I get my name in the database?

    Please send us your name and department, and any additional information that you would like included in your profile. Discovery Portal staff will search various websites to gather more information, however, current CVs or bios are always helpful.

  4. Who can use this database?

    The use of this database is not restricted to any individual or particular group. Please see our “About Us” page for more information on how the Wisconsin Discovery Portal can be used.

  5. How is the information in this database gathered?

    All of the information contained in this database is public information, and was gathered via a variety of sources, mainly web-based. The information comes from researchers’ departmental home pages, the United States Patent Office website, publication sites such as Web of Knowledge and PubMed, the UW-Madison Research and Sponsored Programs website, NIH, NSF, and USDA funding sites, and others.

Have a question that’s not listed? Please contact us via [email protected].