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Researcher: Alan Carroll

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Areas of Research Expertise
* Sedimentary basin analysis: creation, evolution, record provided of regional techtonics, how to read paleoclimatic signals from deposits
* Application of stable and radiogenic isotopes to deciphering sedimentary provenance, weathering histories, and age relationships
*Lacustrine basin evolution of the Green River Formation
* Permian tectonics and sedimentation in northwestern China
* Eolian-derived siltstone deposits in the Permian Phosphoria Formation
* The Lower Cretaceous Colville Foreland Basin System: Stratigraphic, Geochemical, and Tectonic Constraints on the Evolution of the Brookian Orogeny, Northern Alaska
* Late Cenozoic basin evolution and reservoir development, Eastern Java Basin
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  • "Paleogeographic reconstruction of the Eocene Idaho River, North American Cordillera"

Chetel LM, Janecke SU, Carroll AR et al., Geological Society of America 123 (1-2): 71-88, 2011. We identify Mesozoic and Proterozoic crystals that are consistent with cooling ages for rocks that were likely exposed in the Idaho segment of the North American Cordillera during the Eocene.

  • "Diachronous isotopic and sedimentary responses to topographic change as indicators of mid-Eocene hydrologic reorganization in the western United States"

Kent-Corson ML, Mulch A, Graham SA, et al., Basin Research 22 (6): 829-845 Dec 2010.  This study examines a Cenozoic terrestrial sedimentary sequence in the central part of the Cordilleran orogen (Montana) using sedimentologic and geochemical techniques.

  • "The Paleogene California River: Evidence of Mojave-Uinta paleodrainage from U-Pb ages of detrital zircons"

Davis SJ, Dickinson WR, Gehrels GE, et al., Geology 38 (10): 931-934 Oct 2010.  U-Pb age spectra of detrital zircons in samples from the Paleogene Colton Formation in the Uinta Basin of northeastern Utah and the Late Cretaceous McCoy Mountains Formation of southwestern Arizona (United States) are statistically indistinguishable.

  • "Geomorphic controls on lacustrine isotopic compositions: evidence from the Laney Member, Green River formation Wyoming"

Doebbert AC, Carroll AR, Mulch A, et al., Geological Society of America Bulletin 122 (1-2): 236-252 Jan-Feb 2010. Oxygen isotope values from lacustrine carbonate in the Laney Member of the Green River Formation (Wyoming) exhibit a sudden, basinwide, similar to 6 parts per thousand upsection decrease in delta O-18 at ca. 49 Ma. Ar-40/Ar-39 geochronology constrains the duration of the isotopic shift to <=similar to 200,000 years.

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  • BP Sakhalin Inc: JT Pietras
  • Sonoma State University Department of Geology
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E-mail Address [email protected]
Phone Number (608) 345-0667
Current University UW - Madison
Department Geology and Geophysics
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