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Researcher: Juan de Pablo

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Areas of Research Expertise
* Molecular modeling
* Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics
* Complex fluid and polymer physics
* Nanostructured materials by design
Web Site Juan de Pablo's University Web Page
Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Current/Active Funding
  • Dept of Commerce, 2009-2013, Ambient, Dry State Preservation of Therapeutic Macromolecules- Molecular Dynamics and Monte Carlo Simulation
  • NSF, 2008-2012, Fundamental Molecular-Level Studies of Polyglutamine Folding and Early-Stage Aggregation
  • NSF, 2010-2013, RET Site: Cross-Cultural Connections: An RET Site Program with UPRM and UW
  • Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, 2011-2012, MRSEC on Nanostructured Interfaces Matching Request
  • WARF, 2005-2032, Staff
  • WARF, 2000-2027, Royalties and Licensing
  • DOE, 2010-2013, Functional, Hierarchical Colloidal Liquid Crystal Gels and Liquid Crystal Elastomer Nanocomposites
Issued Patent(s)
  • 7,947,500 - Liquid crystalline substrates for culturing cells, granted May 2011.
  • 7,851,252 - Materials and methods for creating imaging layers, granted Dec 2010.
  • 7,775,368 - Micro-channel long molecule manipulation system, granted Aug 2010.
  • 7,732,152 - Liquid Crystalline Substrates for Culturing Cells, granted June 2010. 
  • 7,514,764 - Materials and methods for creating imaging layers, granted Apr 2009.
USPTO Published Applications
  • 20100197013 - Method for culturing stem cells, Aug 2010.
  • 20090087653 - Fabrication of complex three-dimensional structures based on directed assembly of self-assembling materials on activated two-dimensional templates, published Apr 2009.
  • 20090075374 - Methods of generating epithelial lineage cells from embryoid bodies and pluripotent cells, published Mar 2009.
  • 20090053268 - Nanoparticle modified lubricants and waxes with enhanced properties, published Feb 2009.
  • 20080299353 - Methods and compositions for forming patterns with isolated or discrete features using block copolymer materials, published Dec 2008.
Recent Publication(s)
  • "Modulation of Wnt/ß-catenin signaling in human embryonic stem cells using a 3-D microwell array"

Azarin SM, Lian X, Larson EA, et al., Biomaterials 33(7):2041-9 Mar 2012. Here we have used a microwell culture system that produces 3-D colonies of uniform size and shape to provide insight into the effect of modulating cell-cell contact on canonical Wnt/ß-catenin signaling in hESCs. PubMed/NLM

  • "Three-dimensional Directed Assembly of Block Copolymers together with Two-dimensional Square and Rectangular Nanolithography"

Ji SX, Nagpal U, Liao W, Advanced Materials 23(32): 3692 Aug 2011. Self-assembling sphere-forming block copolymers that normally adopt a hexagonal packing in thin films are directed to assemble on chemically patterned surfaces into their three-dimensional bulk-like body-centered cubic morphology.

  • "Pattern Dimensions and Feature Shapes of Ternary Blends of Block Copolymer and Low Molecular Weight Homopolymers Directed To Assemble on Chemically Nanopatterned Surfaces"

Nagpal U, Kang HM, Craig GSW, ACS Nano 5(7): 5673-5682 Jul 2011. Ternary blends of cylinder-forming polystyrene-block-poly(methyl methacrylate) (PS-b-PMMA) and low molecular weight PS and PMMA were directed to assemble on chemically patterned surfaces with hexagonal symmetry.

  • "Fivefold symmetry as an inhibitor to hard-sphere crystallization"

Karayiannis NC, Malshe R, de Pablo JJ et al., Physical Review E 83 (6): Jun 2011. Through molecular simulations we investigate the dynamics of crystallization of hard spheres of uniform size from dense amorphous states and the role that hidden structures in an otherwise disordered medium might have on it.

Recent Artistic Works  
  • Intra-University Collaboration: Chemistry, Lab for Molecular & Compuational Genomics, Engineering Physics, Computer Science, Materials Science, Genetics
  • Sogang University (South Korea), Chemistry, Program for Integrated Biotechnology
  • Brigham Young University, Chemical Engineering 
  • Massachusetts Insitute of Technology, Chemical Engineering
  • US National Institute of Standards and Technology, Materials Science and Engineering Laboratory
  • NIH, Laboratory of Integrative and Medical Biophysics
  • Illinois Institute of Technology, Chemical and Environmental Engineering
Research Tools
  • 400-CPU Linux Beowulf Cluster
  • Condor High Throughput Computing System
  • Gel Permeation Chromatography
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter
  • Controller Stress Rheometer
  • Controller Rate Freezer
  • Light Scattering Apparatus
  • Nulling Ellipsometer
  • Platelet Aggregometer
  • Semi-Automated Viscometer
  • X-Ray Spectrophotometer
Research Facilities
  • MTSM Research Group Facilities
  • Materials Research Science and Engineering Center on Nanostructured Interfaces (MRSEC)
  • Rheology Research Center
E-mail Address [email protected]
Phone Number (608) 262-7727
Current University UW - Madison
Department Chemical and Biological Engineering
Title Professor
Other Appointments
Director, Molecular Thermodynamics & Statistical Mechanics Research Group (MTSM)
Address Line 1 3018 Engineering Hall
Address Line 2 1415 Engineering Drive
City Madison
State WI
Zip Code 53706
Bachelor's Degree BS, National University of Mexico, Chemical Engineering, 1985
Master's Degree
PhD PhD, University of California-Berkeley, Chemical Engineering, 1990
Other Degrees Postdoctoral, Institut fuer Polymere (Switzerland), Materials Science
Technologies Available for Licensing