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* Energy analysis and policy
* Land resources
* Transportation management and policy
* Improving understanding of the social, technical, political and economic dynamics of the global energy system
* Low Carbon Energy
* How science and technology policy affect the rate and direction of technological change
* Climate Change
* Intellectual Property
* Energy System Modeling
* Institutional Innovation

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Gregory Nemet's University Web Page 

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Gregory Nemet's CV 

Current/Active Funding

  • UWF, 2008-2099, Policy Analysis of the Implications of Greenhouse Gas Reduction Approaches
  • Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, 2006-2033
  • NSF, 2010-2013, Collaborative Research: Choosing a Portfolio of Technology Policies in an Uncertain World
  • NSF, 2010-2013, Collaborative Research: Choosing a Portfolio of Technology Policies in an Uncertain World

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Recent Publication(s)

  • "Robust incentives and the design of a climate change governance regime"

Nemet GF, Energy Policy 38 (11): 7216-7225 Nov 2010.  This paper focuses on two neglected characteristics to inform the governance problem: the incentives for investment in low-carbon energy technology and the influence of historical policy volatility.

  • "Demand subsidies versus R&D: comparing uncertain impacts of policy on a pre-commercial low-carbon energy technolgy"

Nemet GF, Baker E, Energy Journal 30 (4): 49-80 2009. The authors combine an expert elicitation and a bottom-up manufacturing cost model to compare the effects of R&D and demand subsidies.

  • "Demand-pull, technology-push, and government-led incentives for non-incremental technical change"

Nemet GF, Research Policy 38 (5): 700-709 Jun 2009. Rising expectations about future demand for new technologies increase the incentives for investments in innovation by enlarging payoffs to successful innovations. This article addresses the question of how well does this notion of "demand-pull" apply to non- incremental technological change when demand is largely attributable to actions by governments? Keywords: R&D; Energy Technology; Policy Instruments; Induced Innovation; Economic Growth.

  • "US energy research and development: Declining investment, increasing need, and the feasibility of expansion"
Nemet GF, Kammen DM, Energy Policy 35 (1): 746-755 Jan 2007. Comparing simple scenarios based on this range to past public R&D programs and industry investment data indicates that a five to ten-fold increase in energy R&D investment is both warranted and feasible.

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  • Center for World Affairs and the Global Economy

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(608) 265-3469 

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UW - Madison 


Public Affairs / Environmental Studies 


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Affiliate, American Council on Germany
Affiliate, Association of Environmental and Resource Economists
Affiliate, Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management
Affiliate, United States Association for Energy Economics

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209 Observatory Hill Office Building 

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1225 Observatory Drive 





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Bachelor's Degree

AB, Dartmouth College, Geography, Economics, 1995

Master's Degree

MA, University of California-Berkeley, Energy and Resources, 2004


PhD, University of California-Berkeley, Energy and Resources, 2007

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