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* Industrial refrigeration systems and technologies
* Refrigeration system modeling
* Advanced thermal storage technologies
* Energy
* HVAC systems
* Computational methods

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Douglas Reindl's University Webpage 

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Current/Active Funding

  • Mult. Donors, 2001-2099, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Center and Industrial Refrigeration Consortium

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Recent Publication(s)

  • "Liquid Refrigerant Pumping In Industrial Refrigeration Systems"

Jekel TB, Reindl DT, Ashrae Journal 53(8): 36 Aug 2011. Early practitioners of industrial refrigeration systems found they could increase the capacity of evaporators by supplying excess liquid refrigerant to the unit (overfeeding).

  • "Evaluation and Validation of Equivalent Circuit Photovoltaic Solar Cell Performance Models"

Boyd MT, Klein SA, Reindl DT, et al., Journal of Solar Energy Engineering-Transactions of the ASME 133(2): 021005 May 2011. This paper documents the predictive capability of the five-parameter model and proposes modifications to improve its performance using approximately 30 days of field-measured meteorological and module data from a wide range of cell technologies, including monocrystalline, polycrystalline, amorphous silicon, and copper indium diselenide (CIS).

  • "Assessment of high penetration of solar photovoltaics in Wisconsin"

Myers KS, Klein SA, Reindl DT, Energy Policy 38 (11): 7338-7345 Nov 2010.  This paper provides an assessment of the large-scale implementation of distributed solar photovoltaics in Wisconsin with regard to its interaction with the utility grid, economics of varying levels of high penetration, and displaced emissions.

  • "DEFROSTING Industrial Refrigeration Evaporators"

Reindl DT, Jekel TB. Ashrae Journal 51(8): 30+ august 2009.

Recent Artistic Works



  • HVAC and R Center
  • Industrial Refrigeration Consortium
  • Thermal Storage Applications Research Center

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(608) 262-6381 

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UW - Madison 


Engineering Professional Development / Mechanical Engineering 



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843 Extension Building 

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432 North Lake Street 





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Bachelor's Degree

BS, Milwaukee School of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, 1985

Master's Degree

MS, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Mechanical Engineering, 1988


PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Mechanical Engineering, 1992

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