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* Research in multiphase flow
* Analytically and/or experimentally researches physical processes for accidents that go beyond the design base (degraded-core or core-melt accidents)
* Hydrogen generation, molten fuel (coolant interactions, debris-bed formation and heat transfer, and molten core), concrete interactions, and containment response
* Risk assessment methodology
* Deterministic analyses
* Light water reactor operation research aids Midwestern utilities in simulator modeling, operator training and accident response, and nuclear systems analysis
* Fusion reactor research identifies and analyzes generic thermal hydraulic phenomena to improve current design studies including liquid-metal heat transfer and liquid-metal/water-safety concerns

Web site

Michael Corradini's University Web Page 

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Michael Corradini's CV 

Current/Active Funding

  • National Academy for Nuclear Training, 2009-2010, National Academy for Nuclear Training Fellowships
  • Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, 2008-2010, Glaser II Travel Costs
  • Organization for Economic Co-Operation, 2008-2099, 2008-2099, Steam Explosion Experimental Database (STEX)
  • Multiple Donors, 2008-2099, Energy Institute Discretionary Fund
  • UT-Battelle, 2007-2009, Dust Mobilization Studies
  • DOE, 2007-2010, Supercritical CO2 studies: Micro-channel Heat Transfer for Reactor Heat Exchangers and Cycle Design
  • Multiple Donors, 2006-2099, Wisconsin Public Utility Institute
  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission, 2004-2009, Advanced Reactor Fuel Coolant Interaction (FCI) and Other Severe Accident Analysis
  • Multiple Donors, 2003-2099, The Future of Nuclear Energy in Wisconsin Symposium
  • Caterpillar, Inc. , 2002-2099, Engine Research
  • South Carolina University, DOE, 2001-2010, Graduate/Undergraduate Student Exchange Program
  • Oak Ridge Institute for Science & Education, DOE, 2000-2009, Fusion Energy Sciences Graduate Fellowship
  • Multiple Donors, 2000-2099, Science Teachers Workshop

Issued Patent(s)


USPTO Published Applications

Recent Publication(s)

  • "Comparison of hyperelastic models for granular materials"

Humrickhouse PW, Sharpe JP, Corradini ML, Physical Review E, 81 (1): article #011303 Jan 2010. Three recently proposed hyperelastic models for granular materials are compared with experiment data.


Corradini ML. Nuclear Technology 167(1): 145-156 July 2009. There has been an ongoing search for more efficient power plant designs over the last few decades.

  • "Measurement of supercritical CO2 critical flow: Effects of L/D and surface roughness"

Mignot GP, Anderson MH, Corradini ML, Nuclear Engineering and Design 239 (5): 949-955 May 2009. his paper describes the results of an experiment to measure the critical mass flux for numerous stagnation thermodynamic conditions, geometry and outlet tube roughness.

  • "Solid particle effects on heat transfer in a multi-layered molten pool with gas injection"

Bilbao YL, Rosa M, Corradini ML, Nuclear Engineering and Design 236 (19-21): 2245-2263 Oct 2006. The present work quantifies the partition of the heat losses upward and downward in this multi-layered configuration, considering the influence of the viscosity and the solid fraction in the pool, from test data obtained from intermediate scale experiments at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. These experimental results show heat transfer behavior for multi-layered pools for a range of viscosities and solid fractions.

Recent Artistic Works



  • Intra-University Collaboration: Applied Mathematics, Engineering and Physics Program
  • Dominion Generation, Nuclear Analysis and Fuel
  • Argonne National Laboratory, Nuclear Engineering Division
  • Pohang University of Science and Technology, Environmental Science and Engineering
  • General Electric Research Laboratory

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  • UW Biotechnology Center
  • Engine Research Center (ERC)

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(608) 263-1648 

Current University

UW - Madison 


Engineering Physics 


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Other Appointments

Director, Wisconsin Institute of Nuclear Systems
Affiliated Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Nuclear Engineering, The Nelson Institute, Fusion Technology Institute, UW Energy Institute
Chair, Engineering Physics Dept
Chair, UW-Madison Energy Institute, Faculty Governance Committee

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147 Engineering Research Building 

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1500 Engineering Drive 





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Bachelor's Degree

BS, Marquette University, Mechanical Engineering, 1975

Master's Degree

MS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Nuclear Engineering, 1976


PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Nuclear Engineering, 1978

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