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* Development of discreet choice models of the consumption of non-market goods and services (such as the Lake Michigan salmon fishery), with particular attention on the dynamic aspects of choice behavior
* Interaction between socioeconomic and ecological systems with emphasis on the effect of ecological degredation on economic value and development patterns
* Lake management and shoreline development policies
* Dynamics of resource-related decisions
* Measurement of the value of spatially-variable ecosystem goods and services
* Heterogeneous preferences and the value of ecosystem goods and services

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  • "Valuing a Spatially Variable Environmental Resource: Reducing Non-Point-Source Pollution in Green Bay, Wisconsin"

Moore R, Provenchar B, Bishop RC, Land Economics 87(1): 45-59 Feb 2011. This article investigates the value of reducing non-point-source pollution in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

  • "Accounting for Respondent Uncertainty to Improve Willingness-to-Pay Estimates"

Moore R, Bishop RC, Provencher B, et al., Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics 58 (3): 381-401 Sep 2010. 

  • "Does small Accounting for dam removal affect local property values? An empirical analysis"

Provencher, B; Sarakinos, H; Meyer, T, Contemporary Economic Policy 26 (2): 187-197, Apr 2008. The primary conclusions that emerge from the data are that shoreline frontage along small impoundments confers no increase in residential property value compared to frontage along free-flowing streams and that nonfrontage residential property located in the vicinity of a free-flowing stream is more valuable than similar nonfrontage property in the vicinity of a small impoundment.

  • "A Dynamic Principal Agent Model of Human-Mediated Aquatic Species Invasion"
MacPherson A, Moore R, Provencher B, Agricultural and Economic Resources Review 35 (1): 144-154 2006.

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(608) 262-9494 

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UW - Madison 


Agricultural and Applied Economics 


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416 Taylor Hall 

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427 Lorch Street 





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BS, Cornell University, Natural Resources, 1981

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MS, Duke University, Environmental Studies, 1985


PhD, University of California-Davis, Agricultural Economics, 1991

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